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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 3, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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all of today's economic news is especially important, given how close we are to the presidential election and we'll have more reaction in a moment. from the obama and the romney teams coming up inside fox report. first though to the fox business network's rich edson live in washington, d.c. rich, good evening to you. so the economy added jobs. and the employment rate numbers still went up. how does that work? >> well, simply because the government spoke with two different sets of people. 163,000 jobs added, officials asked businesses how many workers they hired or laid off. the 8.3% unemployment rate is the result of a different survey. the government speaks with folks at their homes and asks them if they have a job. sometimes the two surveys result in different trends and that is exactly what we have here, bill. >> bill: what about the under employment number? what is that, rich? >> right. well the actual unemployment rate 8.3% fails to account for those who have stopped looking for work because they can't find a job. or those working a part-time
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job and want a full-time position. you include those folks and the unemployment rate is 15%. it increased in july and has been on the rising end since falling earlier this year. bill? >> bill: rich edson thank you. live in washington tonight. it should be noted no american president has been up for re-election with unemployment greater than 8% since the second world war. today, president obama pointing out that the economy has added more than a million jobs this year. he admits that is not enough. governor mitt romney says today's report is more proof of what he calls the president's extraordinary record of failure. >> today we just got a new number from the unemployment report and it's another hammer blow to the struggling middle class families of america. because the president has not had policies that put american families back to work. i do. i will put them in place and get america working again. >> that from las vegas, nevada but the president saying that governor romney is pushing the same policies that, quote, helped create this mess, end
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quote. ed henry live at the white house tonight. ed, the white house cautiously touting today's numbers, what are they saying there, good evening? >> well, bill, the president today was basically saying that he has now created more than 4.5 million new jobs. 1.1 million new jobs this year alone. but he was quick to add that he he realizes it's still not enough. this recovery is not moving quickly enough to get more people back to work. and so he was really trying to press forward on what he thinks is the most important thing in terms of helping the economy right now, which is extending those middle class tax cuts, take a listen. >> when families have the security of knowing that their taxes won't go up, they are more likely to spend and more likely to grow the economy. when small business owners have certainty on taxes and can plan ahead, they are more likely to hire and create new jobs. >> now, republics on capitol hill are responding by saying, you know, the president should, if he really wants
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certainty, extend all tax cuts for the rich, the middle class, and the poor. not just those middle class ones that he has carved out. they say that's the kind of certainty that the economy needs right now, bill. >> the white house is trying to push pressure on the congress to help out. how is that working, ed? >> so far at loggerheads on that tax issue. the congress also asking congress to pass the rest of the jobs bill. there is still pieces of that infrastructure spending and other things. take a look at what lawmakers have been doing the last couple days. they have been going out of town. vacation back home for august or heading out on congressional delegates trips around the world. when i covered capitol hill there was an old saying members can smell the jet fuel when they're about ready to go home. bottom line is congress is not going to get much of anything done between now and the election. both sides waiting to fight this out in november and they will deal with a lot of these issues after that bill. >> bill: gassing up at reagan international. governor romney had a lot more to say about the economy
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today. traveling on the trail in nevada. a live report from las vegas coming up inside "the fox report" tonight. we are learning more about the terrifying ordeal with cal ripken jr.'s mother. during a bizarre kidnapping about a week ago, the new details come straight from the baseball hall of famer himself. ripken talked about for the first time about it today at camden yards in baltimore. that's where the hall of famer played 21 seasons. ripken said his mom is physically okay but still pretty shaken up. he said he he hoped talking about the case could help catch the kidnapper. today police put out this new surveillance video. the guy kidnapped ripken's mother at gunpoint from home in baltimore. she turned up the next day in the backseat of her own car, legs bound and blindfolded across the face. ripken appeared to choke up as he described the excruciating hours wondering if his mother was dead or alive. >> i think we were hardening ourselves to the worse possibility. i know i was.
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and then brought her back all the emotions storing and hardening against. it was a horrible night. >> everyone deed it must have been. police releasing a sketch of a guy they want to find. so far no word on a possible motive. for the first time today, ripken revealed the kidnapper apparently came with a plan. doug mckelway is live with the news from d.c. what did ripken say about this man's plan, doug? >> bill, he was asked about that at this morning's press conference. hes very clear to point out that et was speaking for himself and not for police. he believes it was indeed a premed premeditated act. >> obviously there was some thought given to it. the materials used to bind her were brought there a lot of evidence to show it was somewhat of a plan or plan. it had to be premeditated.
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maybe premed taillight is my words but certainly lends itself to there was a plan. >> ripken also addressed the question of whether or not the kidnapper knew he was abducting a member of the ripken family? >> i don't know. i mean no one knows the motivation or why this occurred. i would imagine you have to get all possibilities. it's quite random act quite possible it could have been nor than that. >> during the 23 hour ordeal the kidnapper took bathroom breaks. he assured her he would not harm her and return her to her home. still shaken by the ordeal she has yet to return to her home. >> >> bill: do they consider this guy to be dangerous? how so. >> they sure do. remember, he took her at gunpoint. so, they consider him to be armed and dangerous. that's one of the reasons that ripken has thrown his considerable fame behind this police effort to track down the kidnapper.
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billboard's with the kidnapper's likeness has been posted. his strategic locations around aberdeen. white male between 30 and 40 years old. 5'10" inches tall. bill? >> thanks. we are getting results from a preliminary investigation into a devastating bus crash yesterday. and we're hearing from some of the people on board when that happened. is that is just ahead. plus, hundreds of people died in work place violence every year. now, there is one city putting out a video intended to help people survive. >> when a mad man opens fire in the workplace, you may only have seconds to react. but, instantly taking the right steps could save your life. >> there are three things you could do that make a difference. >> bill: that's coming up. this happy couple used capital one venture miles
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>> investigators now confirming that a blown tire appears to have caused a deadly bus crash. the double-decker mega bus slammed into a concrete bridge support pillar on a highway in southern illinois. the crash killed one passenger. injured dozens more. now we are hearing from some of those who were on board that bus. listen. >> after we hit whatever we hit and the tire blew, we fell like we were going to. trying to regain control of the bus. regained control but slammed right into the gigantic concrete post. >> i felt a huge impact. when i came to my senses, it
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was people in the isles and the median. people, i mean most people had blood on them somewhere. there was a man who couldn't move from the neck down there. was a monday who had his stuck between the two seats in front of him. i could hear screams of pain from the top level of the bus. >> state police say a final report on the crash could take weeks but so far there is no sign of any driver error in southern illinois. two weeks ago today a man went on a shooting rampage inside a movie theater in aurora, colorado. people ran for their lives as he opened fire. and by the time it was all over, a dozen people were dead and more than 50 others were injured. now a homeland security official out of houston, texas says that attack prompted city leaders to speed up release of instructional video ahead of schedule. one intended to show people how to survive a shooting in the workplace. >> there are three things you could do that make a difference.
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run, hide, fight. first and foremost, if you can get out, do. >> in 2010, the last year for which we have statistics, the u.s. government reports 405 people died in work place shootings. casey stegall with the news live in dallas. casey here tonight to explain the recommendations that this video makes. what did you see, casey? >> yeah, bill, you know, most people's first instincts according to security experts is to drop to the floor if they hear gunshots. but, actually, that is the last thing you should do. as you just heard from that snippet, running, that is what they say you should do in order to save your life. because, it's difficult for snipers to reach a moving target. if you cannot get to an exit. try to find a closet or a storage room to hide in. lock the door and turn off the lights. this is important. silence your cell phones. if there is no safe room for you to go to. try to get behind objects that
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would protect you. >> as a last resort if your life is at risk. if you are alone or working together as a group, fight, act with aggression improvise weapons. disarm him and commit to taking the shooter down, no matter what. >> these are valuable lessons that may sound like common sense. we heard a lot of eyewitnesses in colorado saying they had no idea to what to do inside that movie theater when the gunshots rang out, bill. this video spreading like wildfire on line. it has already received a quarter of a million hits on youtube. >> bill: people getting the record. thanks. a crushing blow for a small police department. now police talking about how a suspect managed to go monster struck and destroy the patrol cars right before their eyes. >> and you guys were just inside here and did not hear anything?
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>> did not hear anything. >> the new details are next tonight. plus, he says it's the last individual race of his record-setting career. so does michael phelps have one more gold medal to add to his mantel? that answer, if you want to know, is coming up. [ male announcer ] fight pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath fast with tums freshers! concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. ♪ tum...tum...tum...tum... tums! ♪ [ male announcer ] tums freshers. fast relief, fresh breath, the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much. i'm stoked. you stoked ? totally.
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. >> bill: swimming super star michael phelps had a shot at 17th gold medal today in london. that won't air on television until later tonight. if you don't want to see the results or hear them now, now is your chance to turn down the sound. phelps tried for a second time to win gold in the same event in three consecutive olympic games. he did it last night in the 200-meter medley. today the 100-meter butterfly
7:18 pm
last individual event of the games. here is the result. michael phelps did it again. touching the wall first after a late rally. he has now won 21 olympic medals overall. that is one fewer than the entire nation of india has won since the modern olympics began more than a century ago. trace gallagher was watching that today. good evening to you, trace. i guess he could be down to the last race of his olympic career, right? >> could be tomorrow, yeah. he will join his american teammates in the 4 by 100 medley relay, bill. and again the americans are favored to win this one. but, boy, on an individual note. michael phelps went out on top winning the burt phi by .023. when he hit the wall he hit t harder than he did. he admits did he tear up on the podium. for an olympics that was supposed to belong to ryan
7:19 pm
lochte. michael phelps still held the key. >> i think he is the preliminary pick ideal when you think about olympic ideal what an athlete should be. he has been a great representation in the swimming pool as an athlete but also an ambassador for the olympics. wanting to come back year after year and year and it shows. >> and with all the nay sayers, michael phelps could still leave these olympics with four gold medals. not a bad day's job. >> is he so awesome to watch, too trace. >> yeah. >> bill: history day for a female athlete from saudi arabia. what happened there, trace? >> yeah, she was judo athlete, bill. as far as the judo match went because the 16-year-old from saudi arabia got taken down 16 seconds. the fact she was allowed to fight and wear the head scarf was remarkable. first saudi arabian woman ever compete in the olympics. the question now will she lead many many more? listen. >> i don't think we will see the flood gates open in terms
7:20 pm
of having dozens of athletes but i think this opens the door to seeing some athletes in other sports give it a try. they may be opening the door to making it a little bit easier for that future generation of saudi arabian women to participate in the games. i definitely think that this got them a lot of good publicity. >> and kind of a sad scene for a south korean fencer who thought that she was on to the gold medal round but the timer made a mistake and they had to add an extra second on the clock. that was enough to give her opponent time to beat her. as you see there, she sat there and he she cried in protest. that's what they are supposed to do is sit and wait until the protest is resolved. and they ended up ruling against her and all the preliminary pick committee could do is say we apologize. >> the games can be so cruel. games tonight from l.a. it looks like the man accused of crushing sheriff's department cars with his tractor will stay behind bars for now. a judge in newport, vermont
7:21 pm
ordering the suspect held on $50,000 bail one day after sheriff's deputies say he used his tractor to smash seven of their police cars. here is a photo. they did not hear the destruction because their air conditioners were too loud and they were inside. and by the time they realized what had happened, he was already driving away. >> obviously we had nothing to pursue it with. but calls were made to the state police. >> bill: investigators say that man was angry over a recent arrest for charges including marijuana possession from vermont. there is a battle over early voting in a critical swing state. the obama team challenging an ohio law that gives members of the military more time to vote. we'll hear from the campaign and we will will hear from governor mitt romney on that. plus, airline passengers grounded by a swarm of buzzing stow aways. the strange story behind these 'issues in a moment. and a baby deer picked one heck of a place to get stuck. we will show you what happened
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[ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biolog medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. >> bill: a group of police in new york rescuing a baby deer after it fell 20 feet into a manhole. here is a look at the animal yesterday on long island. some landscapers phoned for help after they saw the baby plunge into a hole. four officers arrived on the scene one wearing a harness and breathing mask as one lowered him down. he strapped a second harness to the fawn. the operation took four hours time. they snapped the photo of the baby deer and released it back into the woods. police dogs in georgia were searching for a pair of missing sisters and their friend. it was a hero chihuahua that wound up saving the day patients say cities sisters were taking their own dog for a walk. instead they got lost in the woods for two hours. neighbors and police joined that search. officials say it was this neighborhood chihuahua that
7:26 pm
sniffed everybody out. clear on the other side of the forest. and the girls a little scared but they are okay in georgia tonight. and a massive swarm of bees forcing a delay at pittsburgh's international airport. officials say a delta flight was getting ready for takeoff for new york when the swarm tried to hitch a ride on one of the wings. honeybees have a protected species. officials called in a beekeeper to relocate them. this is the fourth time the bees have disrupted things at pittsburgh. the beekeeper says he suspects there is a clone somewhere nearby. he is probably right. i'm bill hemmer in tonight for shepard smith. this is the fox report. better but not great. that's the reaction from economists of the july jobs number. the feds say employers added more than 160,000 jobs last month. that's the most since february but more than analysts were predicting. but it's not enough to make a dent in the unemployment rate. in fact, it actually jumped a notch. up to 8.3%. president obama saying that he agrees we need to do more but
7:27 pm
he says we are making progress. we have now created 44.5 jobs over the last few months. and 1.1 million this year. those are our neighbors and family members finding work and the security that comes with work. >> governor romney is focusing on a different streak. 42 months with unemployment above 8% mike emanuel is traveling with the romney team. what was his message there. >> in a campaign where the economy is the central issue, mitt romney hit it pretty hard calling the state of our economy a failure of leadership, a failure of policy. even a moral failure. after addressing a group of supporters in north las vegas, governor romney was asked by a reporter if the economy is in a recession. >> the economists will tell us what the future holds, i certain live hope not.
7:28 pm
but we're already -- for the 23 million americans, it's a recession for them, if not worse. if not a depression. >> with unemployment here in las vegas at 12.6%. well above the national average, it certainly provided a more back and forth between governor romney and senate majority leader what is the latest on that tomorrow. mitt romney told harry reid to put up or shut up to identify his sources. then when romney was here in las vegas. reid responded with this, quote: today the most secretive. richard nixon is coming to nevada, asking to be elected president. forget about president. mitt romney couldn't get confirmed as a cabinet. i have paid taxes every year
7:29 pm
and a lot of taxes. a lot of taxes. so harry is simply wrong and that's why i'm so anxious to give us the names of the people who have put this forward. i wouldn't be at all surprised to hear the names are people from the white house or the obama campaign. >> governor romney did say he would release his 2011 tax return mike emanuel traveling in las vegas tonight. the obama team now heading to court. to challenge ohio's three x-ray days to cast ballots before election day. the obama feel argues that ohio ohio voters should have that right, quote: this campaign early voting rights for all ohioans. writes the republic controlled ledge later arbitrarily stripped away this pars year in my view every effort should be taken by the government of the united states of america
7:30 pm
to assure that every member of the military has the right to vote and their vote is counted. any effort to impede the right of our military members overseas or here domestically in voting would be an extraordinary violation of the trust that we should have for those who serve so valiantly. >> a hearing on that matter, that lawsuit is set for a bit later this month in ohio. the syrian government may be committing more crimes. that news flash from the united nations secretary general. and now world leaders have finally agreed to come together and give syria a serious scolding. >> this is amateur video said to show some of the fighting town of aleppo. fox news cannot confirm its authenticity. witnesses report government forces have been trying to take back that rebel strong hold for about a week now. and tonight some opposition commanders are saying if the world will not help them maybe al qaeda will.
7:31 pm
catherine herridge is live on this in washington first to jonathan hunt at the u.n. the u.n. took action today did. that mean anything. >> no, in one world, bill. the most generous interpretation of it is to say it was one small step up from doing absolutely nothing at all. general assembly resolutions are far less significant than security council resolutions because they are completely unenforceable. and this resolution even had all its teeth taken out anyway before it even came to a vote. no demand for president assad to stand down. no threat of punishment continues to massacre syrian civilians. the u.n. secretary warned members of the united nations warned they are risking becoming irrelevant. listen. >> the conflict in syria is a test of everything this organization stands for. i do not want today's united nations to fail that test.
7:32 pm
i want us all to show the people of syria and the world that we have learned the lessons of -- united international pressure can make a difference. the syrian people need action. >> there is no sign whatsoever though that any action is ever going to come on syria from, perhaps, the most disunion nighted united nations we have seen many a decade, bill. >> what about syrian reaction? i imagine they are denouncing everyone who voted in favor of this resolution, huh, jonathan? >> the sort of predictable words we have heard before from the syrian ambassador to the u.n. calling those who criticize his country other middle eastern nations and the united states as complete hypocrites. listen. >> and i wonder whether the bamtion of saudi arabia and the ambassador of qatar with a
7:33 pm
allow only 1% of -- to happen in own respective countries let them come to me stop criticizing. >> and as the syrian ambassador was uttering. syrian regime continuing its brutal assault on the rebels in syria's largest city of aleppo. meantime, back here at the u.n., while aleppo continues to burn, the diplomats do nothing but fiddle. bill? >> bill: thank you, jonathan. jonathan hunt u.n. tonight. new warnings that syrian rebels can turn to terror groups for help if others including the u.s. military fail to step up in the battle against the assad regime. leaders of the free syrian army telling fox news opposition forces are in urgent need of military aid from the u.s. and its allies. they claim al qaeda and other insurgents are ready to fill
7:34 pm
the power vacuum now. while one commander saying the rebels take a strong stand against those groups, another leader says, quote, the continued lack of international support will push the ordinary people to the extremists. catherine herridge on that story tonight. live in washington. what is the evidence? that al qaeda already has a presence in that war. catherine? >> well, thank you, bill. the car bombings in syria appear to be carbon copy of the ied's attacks used by al qaeda in iraq at the height of the insurgency. this car bombing that killed 40 and gutted billings in the capital of damascus also bears the signature of al qaeda in iraq. clues firefighters are infiltrating the opposition. >> some 275 plus different groups have identified themselves in opposition of the assad regime. and we think as many as 25% have some degree of extremism. some hezbollah, but some al qaeda. and that's what so concerning to us. >> al qaeda in iraq does not
7:35 pm
have a foot hold in syria. analysts now warn it's easier to recruit, raise money and morale is improving after the group was nearly wiped out by u.s. forces, bill. >> how many fighters could we possibly be talking about here, catherine. >> well, bill, while no one really wants to ballpark it analysts say the jihadist in rickenbacker are small in number but they are influential. >> t is clear that al qaeda has the more experienced fighter. they can get a group that starts out as relatively moderate and push it toward these religious extremes. >> and this week the state department conceded publicly what has long been discussed privately unless the syrian president leaves, the instability grow and act as magnet for extremist. a key marker for the u.s. intelligence community is whether the syrian conflict will now attract foreign firefighters who might otherwise have traveled to pakistan or yemen, bill. >> bill: on that war rages. catherine from our d.c. bureau tonight. >> you're welcome. >> the wife of a swimmer who went missing over the weekend said she had begun planning his funeral that was until she
7:36 pm
learned he was very much alive. did he try to fake his own death? plus, get a load of this crash. a race car driver's bad turn sends him flying. an update on that driver's condition. that is all ahead tonight on "the fox report." people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer. and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going.
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[ mission: impossible theme plays ] target acquired. check. check. rjcheck. check. target in the pool. squeaks ] no! there's my angel. make u:oupervised pool access an impossible mission. >> bill: cost us billions of dollars government today on top of how the drought could raise our grocery prices.
7:39 pm
the latest u.s. drought monitor shows this. dry conditions covering more than half the nation and much of our midwestern farm belt is getting the worse of it according to the u.s. department of agriculture, 90% of land with corn and soybean crops right now is in drought. and it reports the value of america's agriculture exports for the first five months of this year is down about $3 billion from last year alone. the biggest factor in all of, this the drought's impact on corn. mike tobin is live in bradford, illinois. what's the situation on the farm where you are, tonight, mike? all of this corn should be well above my head. in fact, it should be twice this high. but it's stunted because it's not getting enough water. when you peel one of these ears of corn you find so many bare spots. the owner of this particular farm expects to get less than half of his normal yield. and what we are finding across illinois some farmers are just
7:40 pm
cutting their losses. they are plowing their crops under, they will try it again next year. still, some of the farmers are looking at the situation and saying they don't want any help from the government. >> we're pretty self-reliant. we know we're going to have some bad years. we try to prepare for that all in all, you know, we're the american farmer and if you leave us alone, we are going to feed the world. >> and it's tough. a half of the u.s. corn crop is now listed in poor or very poor condition because corn in one way, shape, or form isn't s. in just about every single thing you eat. putting food on the table this year will cost you about 4% more. bill? >> bill: so much for a field of dreams. mike tobin, thank you. in illinois tonight. a man reported missing may have tried to fake his own death. that's according to his own wife, in fact, she says he found talking about plot with son. also quoted recently tripled
7:41 pm
life insurance policy. the son is the one who fold police that his father went for a swim and never came back. several days later a relative called and said the man was actually alive and well in the state of florida. i feel like a sadness that he puts a lot of people in danger to look for him drowned. planning a funeral for him. i lost my husband. all in a matter of hours. and then to find out he is alive, it's anger, it's sadness. >> his wife also says that he left behind clothes and shoes, a wallet, a cell phone on the beach. police estimate the extensive search for the non-missing man cost tens of thousands of dollars. it is not clear if he will be facing charges. saving a life is not off duty lifeguard who rescued a little boy from drowning in rough seas got a $2,600 hospital bill. after emergency crews took both of them away in an
7:42 pm
ambulance. a 17-year-old figured he was just going along for the ride after the daring rescue listen here. >> i knew i wasn't qualified to go out in the ocean. one thing they taught us is if you don't know, go. >> i don't actually know how big the as well as -- swells. were they were big enough to push us down to where we were touching stand. >> anonymous donors have stepped in to help him pay that entire bill. good for him. rescued pulled from flooded mine. more said to be trapped inside. our top story as we go around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." >> china. survivors finally emerging after more than two days stuck under ground in a northern province. state media reports 34 miners were at work when the shaft began flooding. most made it out right away. finland, a car went flying through the air during a rally finland race. the driver lost control on a
7:43 pm
turn and his car flipped over five times coming to rest on its roof as spectators rushed to help. the racer and his co-driver both reportedly okay. >> panama, police in the capital city displayed more than a ton of cocaine they con if confiscated in raids across the country. and that is less than half of this week's total hall. an official saying agents found one stash in refrigerated trucks they knew did not belong in such a remote area. pakistan. seven men returned to their families after almost two years in the hands of somali pirates. >> god has given him a new life. it feels great to be reunited with your family after two years. >> their families and community raised more than a million dollars. but that only met part of the pirate's ransom demands. the pirates are still holding 15 others from that 2010 hijacking. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80
7:44 pm
"around the world in 80 seconds." >> >> the downtown counsel is on for the historic landing on the red planet. maneuver so risky it's been dubbed seven minutes of terror. we will explain how it's supposed to work there plus, exsenator now claims infamous trip to bathroom airport led to his arrest was official business. his story next. look at those toys. insurance must be expensive. nah. [ dennis' voice ] i bet he's got an allstate agent. they can save you up to 30% more by bdling your policies. well his dog's stupid. [ dennis' voice ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds. are yoin good hands? ♪ [muc plays] ♪ [music plays]
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>> bill: bathroom visits are official senate business says former idaho senator larry craig who was arrested after incident airport bathroom airport. trying to solicit sex in a bathroom at the minneapolis
7:48 pm
airport in 2007. the idaho republic insisting he had done nothing wrong and held a news conference in which he proclaimed he was not gay. senator claim declined to run for re-election and the federal elections commission eventually determined that he had misused more than $200,000 in campaign funds defending himself against the charges. now, he is trying to overturn that ruling by claiming that bathroom visits fall under senate rules of official business. we're now hearing from victim of apparent great white shark attack waters off of cape cod massachusetts. we reported this monday. a man was body surfing when he felt something bilt his leg. repair tendons. shark attack victim. after he was released from the hospital. >> there i felt like my leg was caught in a vice. and i kicked very hard with my free leg, with my right leg and i was able to -- or the
7:49 pm
shark decided i wasn't tasty or something good happen'ed and he let me go. >> yes he did. the man plans to return to the same beach in cape cod despite the attack. >> the scientists say what can we do next? can you -- yes, we can do that. you can possibly do this? yes. this man wants to fire a laser at a rock and plasmaize and determine what it's made out of. yes we can do that too. >> we about to find out whether or not he is right. that is a clip from harr shan martian recovery. >> here is what is posed to happen. first the space craft carrying the rover will tear through the martian atmosphere at thousands of miles per hour and deploy parachutes. attach from the bottom and take over the dissent. that jet pack is in charge of bringing the rover to within 65 feet of the martian surface
7:50 pm
and then lowering curiosity in a so-called sky crane. by the way the system will be doing this entirely on its own without any commands from mother earth and this entire landing process is packed with so much uncertainty and so much risk that nasa is calling the whole thing seven minutes of terror. nasa is now also turning to private companies to help bring astronauts to the international space station. ended shuttle program hired three companies ferry crew members to space aboard smaller rocket ships. nasa expects flights to begin next five years. finalized their plans to bring paying customers into space on short trips around the earth. as shepard smith reports tonight. all of this now creating opportunities for creative minds in some of the most unlikely of places you will find. >> in the middle of brooklyn, not far from the crowds of
7:51 pm
shoppers and roads of brown stones, ted southern is putting on his space suit. >> once i get this far into the -- you really face commitment. >> it's a prototype of the suit he hopes to turn to the handful of companies planning to fly tourist into space. >> i concentrate a lot on the capsule and rocket. the space suit is often, you know, secondary thought. >> which presents and opportunity for southern and his russian business partner. >> i could develop space suit life. >> a man who claims to be the only person who test just about every space suit ever made. they work out of a small office in a non-disscript building designing a suit they tell us is more comfortable and affordable than those the astronauts have traditionally worn. >> must be the cheapest suit. and light weight. >> it's a start of a new era in space exploration. it's a very good development for space exploration as a
7:52 pm
whole. >> experts say these smaller start-ups will end up helping the entire industry. >> the more motivation and cost efficiency you bring to the business of space tourism. that includes the space suit designs, the better nasa is able to capitalize on routine services and build on that to get out on the frontier back to the moon, the asteroids and eventually to mars. >> patterned this off an old prototype apollo. >> new frontier for southern who up until now was better known for designing costumes including the wings on victoria secret's runway models. he says this was a natural transition for him. to me it makes a lot of sense. you are thinking creatively, oftentimes there is a technical problem to solve. especially for broadway shows that need to function day in and day out. >> shepard: they are still raising money and perfecting designs. efforts of private investors like these could carry all of us into uncharted territory. in new york, shepard smith,
7:53 pm
fox news. >> here we go eventually. a baby african cheetah at a zoo here in the u.s. might be too young to contend for the title of world's fastest animal. it might still be, well, perhaps the world's cutest. you will never get which animal is its closest friend. that is coming up. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more [ russian accent ] rubles. eh, eheh, eh, eh. [ brooklyn accent ] 50% more simoleons. [ western accent ] 50% more sawbucks.
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well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at last season was the gulf's best tourism season in years. in florida we had more suntans... in alabama we had more beautiful blooms... in mississippi we had more good times... in louisiana we had more fun on the water. last season we broke all kinds of records on the gulf. this year we are out to do even better... and now is a great time to start. our beatches are even more relaxing... the fishing's great. so pick your favorite spotn the gulf... and come on down. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. >> bill: an african cheetah cub is on display at the cincinnati zoo. meet savanna, moved it to the zoo's nursery after it was
7:56 pm
born backs in june. bottle feed the dog playmate. zoo officials say the animal will soon get a permanent puppy companion hope the cub can one day challenge the speed record of the world's fastest cheetah. >> updating some of our top stories tonight stocks soaring on word the economy added more jobs than expected in july. the dow closed up more than 200 points. the unemployment rate also raised 8.3% nationally. the u.n. general assembly denouncing the government crackdown on syria. that comes a day after family roomer u.n. secretary general annin quit as peace negotiator and slamming the u.n. for failing to act. a blown tire caused a bus to veer off the highway into an overpass support pillar in southern illinois. one person killed, dozens more injured there. and on this day in 1936, the american track and field star jesse owens won the first of
7:57 pm
four gold medals at the olympic games in berlin and dealt a crushing blow to adolf hitler and the nazis. jesse owens first grabbed headlines while he was only 21 years old by breaking three world records and tieing a fourth in less than an hour. enter adolf hitler claiming the berlin games master race. owens blew that theory out of the water. edging out another black athlete to win the 100-meter dash in 10.3 seconds. hitler never congratulated any of the african-american winners. owens proved the nazis wrong 76 years ago today. that's it for "the fox report" on this friday, the third of august, 2012. i'm bill hemmer. shep is back on monday. the factor begins now. >> juan: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight? >> >> we support this company
7:58 pm
because it takes a lot of courage to be christian in this world. >> juan: the controversy over chick-fil-a continues as gay activists plan a kiss. in tonight we will talk to governor mike huckabee. >> the man who led for the chick-fil-a appreciation day. >> 23 million americans out of work or stopped looking for work or way under employed. this is an extraordinary record of failure. >> we haven't had to come back from economic crisis this painful since the 1930s. >> juan: new report out today shows even though the economy added more jobs, the unemployment rate went up. we will tell you what this means for you and for the presidential election. >> i want to be very clear to the gangs and members of those gangs. you will not find shelter in the city of chicago. >> violence continues in the windy city as a prominent african-american paper questioned president obama's silence on the horrific crime wave in his adopted hometown. we'll debate what it means. caution, you are about to
7:59 pm
enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> juan: hi, i'm juan williams in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get right to our top story. the latest chapter in the chick-fil-a gay marriage controversy. tonight, gay rights activists are planning a kiss-in at various chick-fil-a restaurants throughout the country. the brouhaha began when the chain's owner can cathy recently went public in an interview with his opposition to gay marriage. what followed was a tsunami of attacks against the chain. with some left wing politicians going so far as to say the restaurants are no longer welcome in their city. in response, fox news host and former arkansas governor mike huckabee, a traditional value guy, organized a if i can fillet appreciation day. hundreds of thousands of people turned out t


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